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Be enchanted by the discovery of the wild and unspoiled nature of the Gargano with the most beautiful and interesting excursions by sea and by land that we have carefully selected for you ....

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Minicruise Mary One

You discover the wonder of the Coast of the Gargano on board of the Yacht Mary One.

In family or with the friends, you visit the Tremiti Islands, the Grotte, Sfinale and the Bay of the Zagare
in an elegant and refined atmosphere with appetizer and lunch on board.


TOUR of the Archipelago of the Islands Tremiti

Every morning, from the port of Fish us, the ships depart with direct line for the islands.The time of route is of almost 2 hours.Departure for the hours 9,00, return for the hours 17,30.Possibility of underwater immersions and to rent boats on the place.

The Islands Tremiti are an archipelago of the Adriatic sea site to around 12 nautical miles to north of the mountains of the Gargano (Lake of Lesina). The small archipelago is constituted by the islands of St. Nicola, St. Domino, Cretaccio, Caprara and, to around 11 miles from these, from the island of Pianosa. In 1932 the archipelago became common autonomous with the denomination of Commune of Islands Tremiti, besides from 1989 it is also sea riserve.

Every year around a million tourists they arrive here for seeing the crystalline waters, a true paradise for the underwater immersions.


TOUR of the Sea Caves

Every day, departure to the hours 9,00 from our private beach, with confortable motor-vessels you will can to visit the whole coast from Peschici to Mattinata.

You will admire the most spectacular natural sea caves of the Gargano and the Trabucchis (ancient and clever big fishing tools built on rock).To the time of lunch, standstill in the famous Bay of St. Felice where will be possible to have lunch and where, with good meteorological conditions, the bathing will be allowed.

After one hour you will continue the visit of further sea beauties.
The return is at 16,00 o'clock.


VISIT to Monte Sant'Angelo


Distance Peschici – Monte Sant’Angelo : 58 km. (30 km. from Forest Umbra)
Monte Sant'Angelo, town of 13.491 inhabitants of the province of Foggia, it belongs to the National Park and the Community Mountain of the Gargano. Been born around the year 1000, between 1086 and 1105 it was capital of a vast Norman possession; it is risen on a cliff of the Gargano between secular woods and a crystalline sea, abandoned on a rock of rich calcareous nature of caverns and among these there is the famous cave of the archangel Michael.

The "Liber de apparitione Santi Michaelis in Monte Gargano”, written in the VIII century, reconstructs together in precise and suggestive way the miraculous facts that gave origin to the cult of the archangel Michael on the Gargano. It is tied up to the memory of four miraculous apparitions that accaddere here during the centuries.

Among the pilgrims we find numerous Popes (Gelasio I, S. Leo IX, Urbano II, Alexander III, Gregorio X, S. Celestino V, Giovanni XXIII as cardinal, Giovanni Paul II), Sovereign (Ludovico II, OTTONE III and his mother Teofane, Henry II, Matilde of Canossa, Charles of Angiò, Alfonso in Aragon, Ferdinando the Catholic, Sigismondo the Old King of Poland, the kings borboni Ferdinando I and Ferdinando II, Vittorio Emanuele III and Umberto II of Savoia, different heads of government and ministers); some Saints (Anselmo, Bernard of Chiaravalle, Guglielmo from Vercelli, Francis of Assisi, Brigida of Sweden, Bona in Pisa, Alfonso de' Liguori, Gerardo Maiella, the Venerable Servant of God P. Pious from Pietrelcina and numerous others), but above all the believers come by all the nations for the charm of the crypts and of the Celestial Basilica so unusual, where they find hope, pardon and peace for intercession of S. Archangel Michael.


VISIT to San Giovanni Rotondo


Distance Peschici – San Giovanni Rotondo : 66 km. (km. 8 from Monte Sant’Angelo)
San Giovanni Rotondo, town of 26.442 inhabitants of the province of Foggia, it belongs to the National Park and the Community Mountain of the Gargano. The city was founded in 1095 upon the ruins of a preexisting village of the IV century to.C., of this suburb there are still numerous testimonies.

In this town, Pious Father from Pietrelcina lived and died from September 4 th 1916 to September 23 rd 1968 and is really here that you can visit his grave and the cell where He has prayed, suffered and died.Great architectural work, over that place of cult, is the new sanctuary.


VISIT to the National Park of the Gargano - Jeep Safari


Distance Peschici - Forest Umbra: 28 km.

The National Park of the Gargano has been founded in 1991, it is great around 118.144 hectares (one of the greatest protected areas) and it also includes the four islands Tremiti (sea reserve).Heart of the National Park of the Gargano is the Forest Umbra that, with around 15.000 hectares, it is among the greatest forests of broadleaves of Italy.

To penetrate is as to return back in the time: the Forest, the Nemus Garganicum often quoted by Silio Italico, Ovidio, Strabone, Virgilio, Orazio, Lucano, is the most important residue of the primitive forest and owes its name of Umbra to the fact that the rays of the sun hardly succeed in penetrating it.

In this biological island surrounded from the sea and from the lowland of Puglia, really on this 0,7% of the national territory, it is present around the 33% of the Italian vegetable kinds and they nest 170 some 237 kinds in Italy.
Afoot it is possible to cross the forest for kilometers following the many paths and enjoying of the so many areas of standstill and pic-nic. To the inside it is possible to find an attractive place where to eat good foods.










Regulations for pets:

Pets are allowed in the brick apartments upon request and availability check
Pets are allowed on pitches on a leash. 
Pets can access common areas if kept on a leash. They are not allowed inside the Market, bathrooms, reception, sports fields and the playground.
The normal sanitary conditions and the peace of the neighboring campers must be respected.
Showers for animals have been set up during the services in the Andromeda area
There is a path and an area near the tennis courts for animals to let loose


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