Let yourself be enchanted …

by the wild pure nature of the Gargano, one of the most evocative landscapes of Puglia.

Discover the wonders of the Costa del Gargano aboard the Yacht Mary One.
With family or friends, visit the Tremiti Islands, the Caves, Sfinale and the Baia delle Zagare
in an elegant and refined atmosphere with aperitif and lunch on board.

The Marine Reserve of the Tremiti Islands is an archipelago of the Adriatic, located about 12 nautical miles north of the Gargano promontory (Lake Lesina), consisting of five islands: San Nicola, San Domino (the only two inhabited), Cretaccio, Caprara and – about 11 miles from these – the island of Pianosa. The crystal clear waters and pristine beauty, so look alike as Caribbean landscapes, make of this enchanted place a must for thousands of tourists who are passionate about diving and snorkeling.

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Admire the most evocative natural sea caves of the Gargano and the trabucchi, ancient wooden buildings born as an alternative to boat fishing. There are about twenty sea caves, made up of large tunnels dug by the sea which, thanks to the games and reflections of light, give the water spectacular colors. Furthermore, according to some legends, these places constitute the shelter of the mythological sirens. Every day, departing at 9:00 from our private beach, comfortable motorboats will allow you to visit the entire coast, from Peschici to Mattinata. At lunchtime, stop in the famous San Felice Bay where it is possible to have lunch and where, weather conditions permitting, bathing will be allowed. After an hour, the visit continues to other natural scenarios.
Return scheduled for 16:00.

Distance Peschici – Monte Sant’Angelo: 58 km (30 km from the Umbra Forest)
Monte Sant’Angelo is located in the southern part of the Gargano. It is a very characteristic village that still preserves the typical Gargano culture today. Monte Sant’Angelo is a town of 13,491 inhabitants in the province of Foggia. (it is part of the National Park and the Gargano Mountain Community); Born around the year 1000, between 1086 and 1105 it was the capital of a vast Norman possession. The town stands at about 800 meters above sea level on a spur of the Gargano, between centuries-old woods and the crystalline sea. It lies on a limestone rock rich in cavities and caves, including the famous cave of the Archangel Michael. In fact, it is linked to the memory of four apparitions of the Archangel Michael which took place over the centuries. The Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo is an ancient place of worship. In the “Liber de apparitione Santi Michaelis in Monte Gargano”, whose drafting dates back to the eighth century, the set of miraculous events that gave rise to the cult of the Archangel Michael on the Gargano is narrated in a precise and suggestive manner. narrated with extraordinary and moving vivacity, and bear witness to the miraculous events that took place here. During the history, many pilgrims visited and still go to visit this sacred place today, especially at the end of September. In addition to the sanctuary, a visit to the medieval district Rione Junno is also recommended, with its very narrow alleys and white terraced houses with sloping roofs.

Distance Peschici – San Giovanni Rotondo: 66 km. (km. 8 from Monte Sant’Angelo)
San Giovanni Rotondo is a town of 26,442 inhabitants in the province of Foggia, part of the National Park and the Gargano Mountain Community. The city was founded in 1095 on the ruins of a pre-existing 4th century BC village. Numerous testimonies of this ancient village still remain, such as tombs and a circular baptistery, formerly dedicated to the cult of Janus – God two-faced – and later consecrated to St. John the Baptist. The city of San Giovanni Rotondo is also a destination for pilgrimages to pay homage to the remains of Padre Pio and visit the places linked to this local saint, including the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza hospital and the New Sanctuary of San Pio. It is here, in fact, that Padre Pio of Pietrelcina lived and died from 4 September 1916 to 23 September 1968 and it is precisely in this place that visitors can visit his tomb and the cell where he prayed, suffered and ended his life.The New Sanctuary not only houses the remains of Padre Pio but is also a great contemporary architectural work, designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Distance Peschici – Umbra Forest: 28 km.
The Gargano National Park was established in 1991 and covers 118,144 hectares, representing one of the largest protected areas. It also includes the four Tremiti islands (marine reserve).
The heart of the Gargano National Park is the Umbra Forest which, with its approximately 15,000 hectares, boasts over 2,000 types of plant species and constitutes the largest Italian deciduous forest. In fact, its name derives from the dense vegetation that makes it very shady in some places.
Its beech trees are real botanical monuments, capable of reaching a height of over 40 meters and a trunk diameter greater than one meter.
Entering its paths is equivalent to a journey back in time: the Forest, the Nemus Garganicum often cited in classical literature by Silio Italico, Ovidio, Virgilio and Orazio is the most important fragment of what remains of the primitive millenary forest. and it owes its name of Umbra to the fact that the sun’s rays can hardly penetrate it. The fauna is very rich and varied: typical is the Italic roe deer, native to the Gargano, the wild cat, the wild boar, the badger, the weasel, the dormouse. So expect to have some pleasant encounters during your excursion. The birdlife is no exception: the Eagle Owl, the Long-eared Owl, the Woodpecker, the Allocco, the Barn Owl, the Magpie, the Woodcock and many other species of birds guard this magical place from the sky. The Umbra forest is a territory that can be explored at all ages. It is possible to walk through the forest for kilometers following the countless paths and enjoying the numerous rest and picnic areas. On the roads, it is possible to find a nice refreshment place where you can refresh yourself with tasty dishes. For children there is a “deer area” and an artificial lake full of carp and turtles in which to interact with the animals.

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